What sets The Dog Haus apart from other daycares and trainers is a fundamentally different approach that incorporates socialization, exercise and mental stimulation. Your pet can experience the full benefits of being in a pack with canines of other breeds, sizes, and ages.

  • The only daycare in KW offering an open concept indoor/outdoor facility where dogs benefit from a pack environment
  • Committed to building a stronger dog centric community in KW through education and events like Meditation walks
  • Continually learning the latest training techniques though ongoing training with the world’s best trainers like Cesar Millan
  • Boutique with high quality local dog food, holistic treats and training tools

Meet the Dog Haus Staff

Liz Foley

Founder, CEO, & Dog Behaviourist

From a very young age, Liz Foley had a deep connection with dogs and a passion for understanding them. By founding The Dog Haus in 2011, Liz has seized the opportunity to share her passion with the Kitchener-Waterloo community. She is also deeply devoted, to expanding her knowledge about dogs by working with some of the best trainers across Canada and the Unites States. In 2014 Liz trained with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Center in Southern California and then returned to participate as a volunteer for many years. There, she learned the subtle, yet powerful physical and psychological language of canines and how to use it to build balanced relationships. Liz loves nothing more than spending quality time with her dogs as well as helping owners and dogs enhance their relationships through teaching group classes.

Ashley Poser

Senior Pack Leader

Ashley has always had a strong passion for animals, dogs especially. Often referred to as “Auntie Ashley”, she spends her days fulfilling the dogs’ needs at daycare and ensuring all pack members are playing in a safe and calm environment. When Ashley’s not at The Dog Haus, she enjoys spending time with her adorable son, and two dogs, Millie and Fred. Apart from her love of dogs, Ashley has a passion for cars. A longtime Mazda enthusiast, you’ll see Ashley driving around in the car she has customized for herself.

What’s your hidden talent?
Spot on impressions of your dogs

Favourite book?
The Paper Bag Princess, Robert Munsch

Claire Guistini

Pack Leader

Claire began as a volunteer at The Dog Haus the summer of 2016, however she quickly fit in with both the canine and human members of our pack and moved up from a Pack Assistant to a Pack Leader due to her abilities with the dogs. She has followed dog psychology and the teachings of Cesar Millan for many years now and even trained with him at his Dog Psychology Center in California. Claire also has her BSc in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph. In addition to that, she is our Puppy Trainer and has helped many owners not only survive but thrive through puppyhood!

What’s your hidden talent?
I can quote pretty much any movie on demand

Favourite quote?
“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”
– Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks),A League of Their Own

Kavita Saini

Office Coordinator

Kavita comes to The Dog Haus as a graduate of the Training Essentials I program where she had a transformative experience resulting in a calm and balanced dog. When she’s not welcoming clients at our front desk, you’ll find Kavita exploring KW with her pup Folsom or working on her hand embroidery.

Who is your hero?
Smart Girl Amy Poehler, a study in empathy and fearlessness

Favourite food?
Tacos…or chocolate. Can’t I have both?


Canine Relations

Carmen was the inspiration behind The Dog Haus and had a large part in shaping what our business is today. She was a gentle loving, 3-legged mutt, who loved Canadian winters. A kind, spirited happy-go-lucky girl who loved to play with dogs of all shapes sizes, Carmen truly was a leader in our pack. Originally a stray, on the streets of Mexico, Carmen for many years taught both people and dogs how to live a calm, confident and balanced live in over 25 training classes!
Sadly, Carmen passed away in 2018 after a brave fight against blood cancer. Her spirit lives on in everything we do at The Dog Haus.


Canine Relations

Ty is a three-legged mutt from the streets of Thailand. In December of 2016, he was rescued by Liz who is a strong believer in adopting dogs and providing them with the opportunity for an improved life. Ty has come a long way since he became a part of Liz’s family. His playful and outgoing personality helps him make new friends and socialize with other dogs both at The Dog Haus and within the community. Ty can still be weary of new people but is learning to trust. You will often find Ty assisting Liz with her training sessions or getting a rise out of his younger brother Baker.

Photo Gallery

An Amazing fun place for my fur babies. Friendly faces with so much compassion for our 4 legged friends.
Anne-Marie Lesperance
My dog practically jumps out of her skin when I pull in the parking lot! It’s worth every penny, to have my pup at a safe and nurturing place while I’m at work.
Ashley Macdonald
Thank YOU Liz, Sarah & the rest of the Pack at the Dog Haus – Harvey and I are FURever grateful!”
Monica Bennett, (Harvey: 8 Month Old Silver Lab)